Fairies and Superheroes

Fairies and Superheroes 2Posh Childrens Clothing 234 Karori Rd Wellington

Fairies and Superheroes

On 3 December you&rsquod be forgiven for thinking the children in Karori had gone a bit crazy.

Fairies and Superheros

will be descending on the suburb from all over Wellington to help raise funds for Barnardos.

Barnardos is New Zealand&rsquos largest, and most trusted, children&rsquos organisation. Last year they provided early childhood education for more than 6,000 children, and gave assistance to over 13,000 children, young people, and their caregivers.

The owner of 2Posh Children&rsquos Clothing, Chris O&rsquoNeill, found out about the great work Barnardos does and wanted to be able to help. &ldquoWe aren&rsquot one of those faceless multi-national companies&rdquo says Mr O&rsquoNeill, &ldquoWe are an integrated part of the community and we feel it&rsquos really important to give back&rdquo. One of the key ways 2Posh Children&rsquos clothing helps is by organising fundraising for Charities. On the 3rd December they will be giving 10% of every sale to Barnardos to help them continue their great work.

Looking at incredibly affordable, unique clothes won&rsquot be the only past-time on the day. The ever popular bouncy castle, provided by Jumping J Jays, will be staging a return, and award-winning face painters &lsquoFace It&rsquo will also be there to transform young and old into fantastical creatures.

So make sure you head on down to Karori on 13 December and help support a worthy cause, just make sure you don&rsquot get caught by Tinkerbelle or a comic book monster . .

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Fairies and Superheroes 2Posh Childrens Clothing 234 Karori Rd Wellington

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